Monday, May 25, 2009

Architectural Standards Questioned

At least one Cookeville resident had some concerns this month as the Cookeville city council gave final passage to some newly adopted architectural standards for construction of commercial buildings. That resident was concerned that a prohibition on certain types of block buildings might prevent someone without deep pockets from being able to open a small business. The argument was that many businesses begin by leasing space, then grow to a location that they own, but with a relatively inexpensive building on it. However, city council member Ryan Williams, who works in the construction industry, says the requirements passed locally are far less restrictive than what he has seen in many other towns in Tennessee. He says they might add perhaps one or two percent to the overall cost of a building. Williams and other council members say the point is to strike a balance between what Cookeville is today and what they would like for it to be twenty years down the road.