Sunday, May 17, 2009

Averitt Express and Health Insurance

If you didn't see it, The Tennessean newspaper reported over the weekend that Cookeville-based Averitt Express has told a Franklin-based company to temporarily stop efforts to collect on potential overpayments of medical claims to local doctors. Averitt asked Health Research Insights to stop sending letters that some physicians say assume wrongdoing on their part without a review of related medical records. Some of the other issues to be resolved include how far back Health Research should review medical claims looking for potential overpayments. In their initial review, they reportedly claim that Averitt may have overpaid nearly $300,000 over a two-year time frame. But some doctors, as well as the Tennessee Medical Association, claim that the letters coming from Health Research demand a re-imbursement of the alleged overpayments within 15 days or medical records which would verify the claim. Some doctors say providing that information to a third party may violate state and federal law, but the auditing company says they working to come to an agreement with all the parties involved.