Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Bicycle Thieves

It's one of the most common crimes on the Tennessee Tech campus, and now police have charged three campus employees with theft of property. The three custodians are facing theft charges after allegedly attempting to steal bicycles on campus. They're identified as 19-year-old Billy Chase Wilson, 19-year-old Ryan Blake Dillon and 20-year-old Nicholas Shane Rittenberry. TTU Police Lt. Tony Nelson says he was patrolling a dormitory parking lot last week when he spotted three men loading bicycles into the back of a pickup truck. He said he recognized the three as custodians who work for the university and he asked them if someone had told them to remove the bikes. Allegedly, they responded, "Yes." But Nelson contacted their supervisor, who told him that no one had asked for the bikes to be removed. Meanwhile, a search of their vehicle reportedly turned up set of bolt cutters, and police also found two sets of cable locks which had been cut and thrown into a garbage bin.