Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Burglaries Under Investigation

A burglar who may have stepped in doggie doo left behind some of that feces as he was stealing from a Cookeville house this week. Police say the victim arrived at an apartment on Montgomery Avenue to find that someone had stolen a heating and air-conditioning unit from the living room window. The loss was placed at $300, and it is one of a handful of residential and business burglaries under investigation by police.

In other cases:
  • Thieves pried up the bottom panel of a garage door on the back side of Value Motors to gain entry and rifle through the drawers in the office, taking a money bag and getting away with about $250.
  • Someone broke out the window of a home on Bradley Drive and gained entry through a back door. The thief went through dresser drawers to find several hundred dollars worth of jewelry that the victim says she had not worn in quite awhile -- including a variety of gold, pearls and beads.
  • A thief left behind his fingerprint when he broke into the Renew Car Wash business on S. Jefferson Avenue and then burglarized a truck that had been left there for detailing. He made off with a CD player, a $200 pair of sunglasses and about 100 CDs.