Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DUI 5th Offender's Car Seized

A woman who drove to the local probation office last week for her regular report has found herself in more trouble with the law. The issue, police say, is that 27-year-old Amy Lynn Cooper of Alpine, Tennessee, was not supposed to be driving. She had her license revoked last month after a conviction of DUI 5th offense. That means that she's not eligible to drive for at least five years, so when her probation officer saw her drive into the lot of the probation office, she called police. Cooper's car was impounded and she was cited for driving on a suspended license. Police say a search of the vehicle also turned up two pills, which they believe to be somas, in the center console. Meanwhile, the sheriff's department has also seized a vehicle from a driver who wasn't supposed to be behind the wheel. 42-year-old Carl Wayne Hunter of Monterey was arrested for his seventh offense driving on a revoked license violation. Authorities say he was stopped on Hanging Limb Road after the license plate on his vehicle turned out to be invalid.