Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fake "Bomb" Being Investigated

Officials from the Tennessee State Bomb and Arson squad were called out this month after a Putnam County resident found what appeared to be a pipe bomb in his mailbox. The sheriff's department says it happened at a home on Clark Road when a man went out to get his mal and found a pipe about eight to ten inches long with a string attached to one end of it. The pipe also had copper wiring wrapped around it. The man closed his mailbox without touching the device and called authorities, who briefly shut down the road as a precaution. But officials say that bomb squad members were able to determine that the device was not, in fact, an explosive of any type and ruled it "a hoax." They are still investigating how it came to be in the victim's mailbox and have sent the device off to the state crime lab in an effort to get some fingerprints from it.