Monday, May 18, 2009

No Elevator for New Clerk's Office

There will be no elevator included in the plans being submitted for renovation of the old Putnam County Health Department building on South Dixie Avenue into its new use as the County Clerk's office. The Putnam County commssion Monday night approved moving the Clerk's office to that building, but defeated a motion that would have provided an elevator between the building's two floors for use by employees. County commissioner Jere Mason said he could not vote to allow taxpayer money to be spent for what he called a "private use elevator." He says, from the public's standpoint, the building already has adequate access to both the upper and lower levels. The county archives will temporarily occupy a portion of the building's basement, but no further demolition will be done to accommodate that usage because the long range plan is to ultimately move the archives to current clerk's office, once that building is vacated.