Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vehicle Arson Investigated

Something of a mini-Molotov cocktail was apparently tossed at a vehicle in Cookeville this week, and police are still investigating the incident. It happened just after midnight on Tuesday when someone called the police department to report that they had seen somebody tossing something at a vehicle which was parked at an apartment on Carolina Avenue. The car briefly caught fire, but the blaze was out before police arrived. Officer Marc DeClaire says he found a large rock next to the car and fresh scrape marks on the passenger side window. He also noticed burn marks and melted rubber door seals on the car and smelled an odor of gasoline in the area. A further search turned up a clear plastic water bottle on the ground nearby, which he says appeared to contain a small amount of gas. DeClaire questioned several people who lived in the area, but none of them admitted to seeing anything. Two nearby residents did report hearing a loud bang. The owner of the car was out of town when the incident happened, but told police that she doesn't know why anyone would try to torch her car. Investigation is continuing.