Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Authorities Closing in on Driveway Scammers

Cookeville-area law enforcement officials believe they are close to solving a number of cases in which someone scams money out of local residents in return for a promise to seal their driveway. They say the suspects in the cases are a man and a woman, and they say the man apparently had done driveway sealing projects for some of the victims in the past. That is part of the reason, they think, that he is able to get money from them when he approaches them about re-sealing their drives. In almost all of the cases, the man or his female companion approach a homeowner and quote a price for the driveway work and then tell them that they will need some money upfront in order to buy materials. After receiving that money, usually in cash, they disappear and never return to finish the job. Police have the names that the two have been using and are working to determine whether those names are real or fake. If they are charged, the two could face jail time and restitution to some two dozen victims around the area.