Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bank Scams Continue

The bank scams continue to stack up for Cookeville-area law enforcement officers. Just this week, half a dozen new cases were reported, but officials say they're not all debit card frauds. One involves a woman who noticed an unauthorized charge on her credit card for an online dating service, and another involves a relative who allegedly stole and cashed a social security check. The dating service -- called WMV -- confirmed that a different name and address had been used with the victim's credit card, but said they would not give out that information without a subpeona. In the other case, the victim said that his sister had stolen his checks in the past and had also sold his medication. Meanwhile, a Thomas Road resident told the sheriff's department that she learned of illegal activity on her account after being notified of an overdraft. She contacted a company called "GRC" that had withdrawn the money, but they refused to reimburse her without a police report. The woman also plans to pursue the case with her lawyer.