Monday, June 1, 2009

Budget Cuts Proposed

Putnam County's budget committee was told Monday night that they are expected to recommend a spending plan for next year that includes no increase in the property tax rate. Committee chairman Greg Rector says in order to do that they'll have to make some cuts to proposed expenditures. "Cuts will have to come from somewhere and that's all there is to it," Rector said. "And it shouldn't come as a shock to any elected officials or department heads." The committee then proceeded to cut more than $200,000 in expenditures that had been requested by non-profit agencies. A request to spend $185,000 for an extrication truck for the Rescue Squad was voted down, and a proposal to pay $15,000 to Plateau Mental Health Center for a case manager was also deleted from the budget. The rest of the non-profits at this point will get the same contribution from the county that they received last year. That's a total of more than $1.9 million, the bulk of which will go to the Parks and Recreation Department and the library.