Monday, June 8, 2009

Citations Issued in Death of Road Worker

An 86-year-old driver has been cited for failure to use due care in a construction zone after his car struck and killed an employee of Highways, Incorporated on Monday. The Department of Safety says 86-year-old William Lawson was also cited for failing to stop. 41-year-old Susan McKee was holding up a stop sign in the construction zone on Highway 56 near the Putnam-Jackson County line when she was struck by Lawson's car. She died at the scene. Officials say there was no indication that alcohol was in use, but they say the accident shows the importance of paying attention in construction zones. T-DOT spokesman Julie Oaks says, "It's imporrant to always be alert, always pay attention, and when you see those orange signs that says road work ahead, be prepared to stop."