Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cookeville Man Charged with 8th Offense DUI

A Cookeville man is facing drunk driving charges for the 8th time after police noticed him driving along Crescent Drive without headlights. 42-year-old Brian Lester Burton of Buffalo Valley Road allegedly told police that his attorney had told him never to do any field sobriety tests, but Officer Josh Ward says Burton appeared to have red, watery eyes and slurred speech and says a styrofoam cup with the smell of a strong alcoholic beverage in it was found in the center console. According to Ward's report, Burton has not had a valid license for 20 years and has been convicted on ten prior offenses of driving with a revoked license, as well as three for driving with a suspended license. He has also been convicted of seven DUI's since 1993. Any DUI after three is considered a felony, and punishable by a minimum of 150 days in jail.