Monday, June 15, 2009

Cookeville Man Charged with Drug Fraud

Drug fraud charges are pending against a Cookeville man, who allegedly tried to alter a prescription that a local doctor had written for him. Police say 25-year-old Roderick Jerry Shelton II of Shipley Road was arrested after he presented that scrip at the Walgreen's store on Willow Avenue. The pharmacy tech there thought that the writing appeared to be altered, so he checked with the doctor's office and found that the prescriptions for .25 miligrams of Xanax had been altered to read .75 milligrams. Shelton reportedly created a bit of a disturbance in the pharmacy before leaving. He was later arrested after a traffic stop on N. Willow Ave.

Meanwhile, police say a traffic accident led to drug possession charges being placed against a Sparta man. 19-year-old James Matthew Bryant of Olen Road was involved in a wreck in which he allegedly rear-ended the car in front of him at the end of the exit ramp from I-40. Authorities say a prescription for Xanax was found in his pocket, but -- more to the point -- they claim they found marijuana in his vehicle. He was charged with DUI after failing to successfully complete several field sobriety tests.