Monday, June 8, 2009

Counterfeiting Cases on the Increase

Law enforcement authorities have arrested at least two people in recent weeks on charges related to counterfeiting, but officials say they continue to receive reports of fake money being presented to local businesses. On Sunday, a manager at the Bread Box convenience store on N. Dizie Ave. told police that someone had used six counterfeit twenty dollar bills to make a purchase the night before. The bills all had the same serial number on them, and the manager believes they were passed between 10 pm and 11 pm, possibly by two men who purchased a keg of beer. He was going to review the store's surveillance tapes in an attempt to get a photo of the suspects. Meanwhile, police say it was a woman who presented a fake twenty to a clerk at Discount Tobacco on S. Willow Ave. Friday afternoon. The white female suspect was described as being 5 ft., 3 inches tall with long black hair and sunglasses. When a clerk at the store marked the bill with a pen intended to spot counterfeits, the ink turned black indicating that the bill was a fake. But, rather than trying to explain where she got it. the woman simply left the store, driving away in a Lincoln Navigator. Investigation continues.