Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Driveway Scams Continue

The cases of fraud involving driveways continue to pile up for local law enforcement officers. A resident of Colonial Drive told Deputy Sam Lee this week that a man came by her house and gave her what was described as a "sob story" about his kids, while telling her that he would seal her driveway and fix all of the cracks in it for $50. She told him that she didn't have that much money at her house, so he talked her into going to an ATM and drawing out the money. He was supposed to come back to her home on Monday to do the job, but has not showed up. Meanwhile, another resident of Old Qualls Road reported to Deputy Bobby Lane that a man offered to repair and seal his driveway for $100. The victim gave him $15 in cash to buy "materials," and reportedly got a receipt and even saw the suspect a few days later, but says the job was never started. Investigation is continuing.