Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Endowment Established at TTU

Tennessee Tech’s music and art faculty will benefit from the memory of former university first lady Joan Derryberry. An endowment for the faculty’s professional development has been established to honor cultural contributions made by Derryberry, who served as the university’s first lady for 34 years as wife of former TTU President Everett Derryberry. Funds for the creation of the endowment were raised by the sale of limited edition prints of Derryberry’s “Sudden Rain” painting, the original of which hangs in the Student Services Office in the Roaden University Center. The painting was inspired as Derryberry watched the “blossoming of umbrellas” as classes changed during a rain shower. University Advancement, under the leadership of Paul Isbell, coordinated the printing and sale of the pictures, which are still available for $35 each. With the award fully operational later this fall, the first TTU music and art faculty could benefit from it as soon as the coming academic year. For more information about the Joan Derryberry Endowment or about prints of “Sudden Rain,” call TTU’s University Advancement Office at 372-3206.