Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fincher Defends Gun Bill

Cookeville's State Representative is once again talking about Second Amendment rights.

Henry Fincher told a Nashville television station, "We need more people carrying (guns) in more places."

After state lawmakers fought to allow guns in restaurants where alcohol is served, expanding second amendment rights into state and local parks was next. According to Fincher, "As long as bad people are going to make bad choices, good people ought to be allowed to defend themselves."

Starting September 1st, more than 200,000 gun-permit carry holders will be allowed to bring their guns into the park system. After losing one veto over gun legislation, Governor Bredesen reluctantly signed the Guns in Parks bill into law on Friday.

"There's a bunch of them in downtown areas, a bunch of them with ball fields, that are full of kids, I don't think particularly it's a place where people need to be carrying guns, that bothered me very much about the bill," said Governor Bredesen. Bredesen is pushing local governments to take advantage of a clause in the bill that lets them decide in which parks gun-permit holders will be allowed to carry.