Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fireworks Problems Beginning

It's still several days before the 4th of July, but local law enforcement officials say they are already getting complaints about firecrackers being set off. Sheriff's deputy Brandon Masters was dispatched to the Knights Chapel Church this week after someone complained of youngsters setting off fireworks in the church parking lot. He said he made contact with some juveniles shooting off bottle rockets and told them to leave the area, which they did. A while later, the sheriff's department answered a complaint of someone shooting fireworkers off near Colonial Market. County officials say it is not specifically illegal to use fireworks out in the county, but you can't do it on someone else's property. Meanwhile, Deputy Jamie Hunter answered a call on Dodson Branch Road of a woman who thought someone was trying to break into her house. She told him it sounded like someone was beating on her door, but she later realized it must of been firecrackers going off in the neighborhood. Officials say they expect to have to handle a number of similar complaints over the next few days.