Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Funeral Home Scammed

More details have now been released about how a man was able to scam a local funeral home. Cookeville police say they know who the suspect is and have taken warrants out for his arrest. The scam artist was either a temporary employee of Dyer Funeral Home or was pretending to be when he stole some blank checks from the business and bought a mini-van from a local car dealership. Authorities say the man went to Cumberland Toyota earlier this month, portrayed himself as an employee of the funeral home, forged owner Roger Burke's name on a check and bought a $21,000 vehicle. Police now say the suspect was on parole at the time and living in a halfway house. They say he has committed similar crimes in the past. Investigators will not reveal his name. They believe he's in northern Alabama, but he reportedly told someone in Cookeville he had relatives in Overton County.