Saturday, June 27, 2009

Governor Comments on Cookeville Cancer Patients

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen has now commented on some cases where cancer patients in Cookeville, who are on the brink of surgery, will be losing their TennCare coverage as of July 1st. The Nashville Scene asked Bredesen to address the issue. The governor said, "Let's remember what this thing is about. We have been told by the federal government and by the state's auditors for several years now that we needed to deal with the issue where there were people who were receiving TennCare benefits who were arguably not qualified to be in TennCare. We've been criticized by both HHS and the comptroller's office for failing to deal with that. ... If you're not qualified legally to be on TennCare, we need to deal with that issue as a matter of program integrity. As you know, I'm a total believer in universal health care, but there are lots of people in this world who need access to health care but don't have it because they're not insured. But I mean, you know, I need to run a program which is consistent with the law and that's what we're trying to do.