Monday, June 8, 2009

How Money From the Sale of Prescott School Will Be Spent

The Putnam County school board has now decided how they want to spend the money they got from selling Prescott Central Middle School to Tennessee Tech. Of that $2.6 million, $975,000 will go toward the cost of renovating Jere Whitson, $250,000 will be spent on surveillance equipment for Cookeville High, Upperman High and Avery Trace Middle School, and another $125,000 will be used to resurface the track at Cookeville High School. That comes at the recommendation of schools director Dr. Kathleen Airhart. Meanwhile, $20,650 will be spent on air-conditioning at Parkview School, an emergency boiler repair at Prescott will cost $75,000, and the repair of auditorium seating at Avery Trace is also on the list at a cost of $10,000. Lease payments back to Tennessee Tech for occupying Prescott after it was sold will amount to $124,000, leaving about a million dollars to be put into reserve.