Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meth Awareness, Part Two

The results are now in on a test that the local Meth Task Force did for a woman who had recently rented an apartment in Baxter, and officials say the test was positive for methamphetamine contamination. The woman had called the sheriff's department after smelling a chemical odor, suffering from headaches, and finding old boxes of Sudafed. The sheriff's department has advised the woman of the results, but says the obligation to decontaminate the home rests with the property owner. While the tests confirm the existence of meth at some point in the property's history, there is no simple way to determine just when a lab may have been located there because the chemicals can linger for several months. Sheriff David Andrews says when authorities found a meth lab on Dripping Springs Road earlier this year, he pretty much knew of its existence ahead of time because of the headache he got from being in the vicinity.