Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Bank Scams Reported

The Putnam County sheriff's department has received yet another report of money going missing from a local resident's account -- apparently as the result of someone getting ahold of their debit card information. The latest victim is a Bloomington Springs resident who called to report at least three unauthorized withdrawals on her account with First Tennessee bank. She says the bank told her that the money had been taken out of ATMs in Nashville. Two $500 withdrawals were made on the same day, and another one, also for $500, was made the next day. All of the activity was reported in the last week, but the victim says the bank has since cancelled the old card and sent her a new one. The case is one of more than two dozen under investigation by local authorities, who say they're not sure how thieves are getting the information from the debit cards. But they say there is technology available allowing criminals to steal the information by electronic means when you swipe your card. It's called skimming and has been reported as a problem across the area.