Thursday, June 11, 2009

Multiple DUI Offender Facing New Charges

A July 6 court date has been set for a Monterey man, charged with 4th Offense DUI after being involved in a hit and run accident. According to a report by Deputy Steven Elrod, a vehicle being driven by 61-year-old Harson Dee Vaughn of Speck Road was involved in an accident last week in Monterey, but had driven away from the scene. Elrod spotted his vehicle on Crossville Street and attempted to pull it over, but says Vaughn was slow to respond to the blue lights and instructions given over a loudspeaker. When he finally did stop, he allegedly ran over a roadside curb. Elrod says he found a cup with about ten ounces of an alcoholic beverage in the vehicle, as well as a quart Mason jar about three-quarters full of a liquid that Vaughn allegedly said was moonshine. Elrod says Vaughn agreed to take a breathalyzer test, but was unable to give a sufficient sample after three attempts. Meanwhile, 2nd offense DUI charges are pending against 31-year-old Christopher Dale Scantland of Gainesboro after he was pulled over by a Cookeville police officer. A fellow motorist had complained about Scantland's driving and Officer Adrienne Lintz pulled him over on W. Broad St. Scantland allegedly failed three field sobriety tests, and a driving history indicated that he had been convicted of DUI in Jackson County in November of 2002. According to the report, Scantland was also wanted on a probation violation warrant and was found to have more than a dozen Xanax pills on him for which he did not have a prescription. That led to a drug possession charge being placed as well.