Monday, June 1, 2009

Purse Snatcher Charged with Robbery

A June 15th court date has been set for a Cookeville man who was charged wtih robbery after allegedly snatching a woman's purse. That warrant had been taken last month by Cookeville Police Detective Brent Anderson, and Putnam County Sheriff's Deputy Patrick Storie served the warrant on 54-year-old Wayne Steven Martin. According to police, the case began when a 23-year-old Sparta woman came to Cookeville to visit her uncle at his home on W. 9th St. She told authorities that while she was inside the house, a man who was also visiting there "pushed her down on the couch and took her purse." That purse contained $20 in cash and two cell phones. The victim later identified a photo of Martin as the man who took her purse. Reportedly, Martin claimed that the victim had taken money from him on a previous occasion.