Monday, June 8, 2009

Purse Snatching Reported

Tough economic times are apparently leading some thieves to take desperate measures. Police say two men, who were apparently hanging around the Food Lion parking lot on E. Spring St. Friday afternoon, asking customers for money, ended up grabbing a purse out of a shopping cart as a woman unloaded her groceries. The victim says she was putting her groceries in the trunk of her car when a white male came up, snatched her purse and ran off. He jumped into a burgundy-colored Ford F-150, driven by another white male, and the two took off. Police searched the area for the vehicle, but did not locate it. The woman says the suspect did not have a shirt on, but was wearing khaki pants and a dark-colored ball cap. A store employee says the two men had been driving around the parking lot for about an hour and a half asking customers for money.