Sunday, June 28, 2009

Putnam County Commission to Meet

The Putnam County commission will meet once again Monday evening, just two days before the end of the current fiscal year. County executive Kim Blaylock told commissioners last week that the session is needed for her office to properly close out the books on the year by having commissioners approve any last minute budget amendments. Budget amendments, in fact, are the only things on the agenda. Some commissioners had been concerned that a jail project, which was voted down a week ago, might be brought back up because the commission did not technically adjourn their last meeting. But others say that issue is now dead and the only purpose Monday night is to deal with the budget. The county has already adopted resolutions that will allow them to continue operating after July 1st and to borrow money on what are called "tax anticipation notes" in order to make payrolls until a new budget is passed and new tax revenue begins to come in. The meeting begins at 6:00 at the courthouse.