Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Sexting" Incidents on the Increase

Incidents of what is known as "sexting" are becoming more common in Putnam County. The sheriff's department is investigating at least two complaints from local residents about such incidents in recent days. Officials say "sexting" is the practice of sending sexually explicit text messages over a cell phone, whether they are wanted by the recipient or not. A 58-year-old Village Road resident told authorities that he had received several text messages that were vulgar in content, asking that he come to the ballfield in Livingston and perform sexual acts. According to the report, he felt that the texts were "unusual." Meanwhile, a resident of western Putnam County told Deputy Roger Cooper that two individuals had been sending his 16-year-old daughter messages soliciting sex. But Cooper says the victim apparently erased those messages. The teenager was told to stop communicating with the people who want her to have sex and the father was told to save any future text messages so the department could document them. Detective Jimmy Patterson is investigating.