Monday, June 15, 2009

Shots Fired on Springboro Road

A Cookeville man who allegedly pointed a gun at a child over the weekend is now facing three counts of aggravated assault. Police say witnesses told them that 66-year-old Bud Collins of Springboro Road had come onto his neighbor's property Saturday afternoon and pointed a handgun at the neighbor and an 11-year-old child. Collins then pulled the trigger on the apparently unloaded weapon as he pointed it at the neighbor. The neighbor says Collins then chambered some ammunition and raised the weapon again. He then fired two rounds into the tree line and allegedly asked another neighbor, who came out to investigate the noise, "Do you want me to shoot you?" According to the report by Officer Josh Ward, Collins claims that he "only half-cocked" the weapon and says he did not like the way that his neighbors were treating the children, so he got his handgun out to "scare" them. But he claims that he did not threaten anyone with it.