Thursday, June 11, 2009

Store Employee Charged with Stealing

Theft of property charges are pending against a Cookeville woman, who allegedly stole several items from the store where she worked over a period of at least six months. 27-year-0ld Legend Callen of Belmont Drive allegedly admitted to stealing more than $600 worth of merchandise from the Big Lots store on S. Jefferson Ave. According to a report by Officer Mark Loftis, Callen was wearing three stolen bracelets when he arrived to investigate. He charged her with the theft of those bracelets and took her to the Putnam County jail where she was booked and processed. He also told store managers how to follow up if they wanted to bring charges for the other alleged thefts. Meanwhile, shoplifters also continue to be an issue for local stores.
  • 23-year-old Michael Shane Holloway of Gainesboro was cited this week after he was allegedly observed putting clothes, mostly T-shirts and shorts, into a reusable shopping bag. He'll be in court July 13.
  • 20-year-old Rachel Eileen Robinston of Cookeville was issued a citation after an employee of Claire's on W. Jackson St. told police that she had seen Ms. Robinson conceal jewelry in her purse and exit the store without paying for it. That incident was reportedly caught on video.
  • And two Alabama residents, 36-year-old Angela Marie Mahony and 18-year-old Ashley Kay Mahony, were charged after they apparently paid for some items in the self-checkout line, but attempted to leave the store with several other items that they did not pay for.