Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Surveillance Video Raises Questions

The descriptions were about the same, but bank surveillance videos indicate that two bank robberies committed three days apart in Cookeville may have been carried out by two different individuals. Officials say both suspects were white males of average build and both were wearing ball caps at the time of the robberies, but the surveillance tapes appear to show that they are not the same man. Police have released photos from those videos and are asking anyone who recognizes the robbers to call Crimestoppers at 520-7867. The suspect on the left, below, robbed the US Bank branch on Washington Ave. Monday morning. The one on the right attempted to rob the Community Bank on Willow Ave. Saturday morning, but left without any money. In both cases, the men handed tellers notes demanding money, but did not display any weapons. Both also left the banks on foot. Police say K-9 units were able to establish a track in both cases, but they say it disappeared, possibly indicating that the suspects both had a getaway car waiting for them. The suspect in the Community Bank robbery reportedly had red hair and a goatee. The US Bank robber was wearing plaid shorts, according to descriptions given to police.