Friday, June 19, 2009

Tuition Hike Finalized

As expected, the Tennessee Board of Regents has approved tuition increases of between 6% and 9% for full-time university students in Tennessee. They approved the increase during a meeting in Cookeville on Friday. The amount an individual student's tuition increases will depend upon how many credit hours that person is taking. In the past, tuition has been capped at 12 credit hours. Additional hours were free. But officials say the change in policy will benefit part-time students. Board members have said they hope it encourages more people who cannot attend class full time to pursue a degree. According to a news release from the board, the only no vote came from student Regent Gionni Carr, the student representative on the Board. The Tennessee Board of Regents system includes six universities, 13 2-year colleges and 26 technology centers.