Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tuition Hike Recommended

Meeting in Cookeville Thursday, the Business and Finance Committee of the Tennessee Board of Regents voted unanimously to recommend to the full board tuition increases that will result in students paying an average of 6.1% more next year at the five TBR state universities, including Tennessee Tech. The actual amount that any given student will pay depends on how many hours the student takes, since TBR is beginning this fall to charge for every hour taken with no cap. In the past, the board has capped tuition at 12 hours, after which students didn't pay any additional fee. Now, hours above 12 will cost $10 per hour. That, however, is much less that the full tuition. Students taking under 12 hours are the main beneficiaries of the change in tuition policy. For those students, tuition will go up only about one percent at the state universities, and 2.8 percent at the community colleges. The entire board will consider the proposal Friday.