Monday, July 13, 2009

Beer Thieves Caught

Cookeville police have made some arrests in the theft of more than two thousand dollars worth of beer from a Budweiser truck, which was parked at the Cookeville Golf Club last month. They say four 19-year-old fraternity members at Tennessee Tech are the suspects. They are identified as Alexander B. Goode, Justin Tyler Mathis, Andrew W. Napier, and Ryan M. Peardon, all of 904 N. Jefferson Ave. They reportedly told police that they didn't drink all of the 100 cases of beer that they stole, deciding pretty quickly that it was a stupid thing to do. They claim that they poured much of the beer out and then spent several weeks trying to get rid of the aluminum cans. Police say a wallet dropped at the scene of the crime, along with tips from students at Tech, helped them solve the crime.