Saturday, July 18, 2009

Business Owners Want Truck Traffic Eliminated

The Cookeville city council has been asked once again to consider a ban on truck traffic in the historic downtown area -- specifically 18-wheelers or large delivery trucks and dump trucks. Sean O'Neal represents the West Side Business Association. He says, "We're getting members calling us and telling us that the truck traffic is still pretty significant on the West Side, all sizes of trucks and all kinds of companies, so at some point we'd like to engage in a conversation about that issue again and see where we are." O'Neal also said business owners in the area would like the city to consider installing a three-way stop sign at the intersection of Oak Street and Broad Street. Mayor Sam Sallee says he's not sure the stop sign is necessary, but says the city may yet decide to do something about large trucks. Part of the issue is that concrete mixer trucks, which load up at Builder's Supply on Scott Street often find it easier to go through the downtown area to get to their ultimate location rather than zig-zagging through town another way.