Monday, July 13, 2009

Committee Says No to Guns in Parks

A recommendation that guns NOT be allowed in Putnam County parks will be coming before the county commission next week. One commissioner, Dale Moss, says prohibiting guns is an infringement on Second Amdendment rights, but most others apparently believe that it's better to keep guns out of parks. Commissioner Ron Chaffin, who serves on the fair board, told the planning committee Monday night that he is not opposed to permit holders having the right to carry, but says he is concerned about all of the non-permit holders who attend the county fair each year and who could be just an arm's length away from grabbing someone else's gun. There was some discussion about whether all of the governmental bodies in the county needed to be, as commissioner Larry Epps put it, "on the same page" so that someone, for example, walking the Rail Trail between Monterey and Cookeville wouldn't have to worry about contradicting laws. But a majority of the committee voted to recommend adoption of the ban. The full county commission will vote on the issue Monday night.