Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jere Whitson to Get Playground

More than $22,000 has been brought in by various fund-raising efforts aimed at purchasing playground equipment for the newly renovated Jere Whitson Elementary School. And this afternoon, the Putnam County school board is expected to authorize the expenditure of those monies. They are scheduled to consider approval of the purchase of a $10,000 piece of equipment called Muscle Mountain, as well as something called a Play Pod, which will cost $7,655. The construction of the playground area will also require the purchase of more than $5,000 in what's described as "additional" shredded rubber, which will act as a cushion when children fall while playing. The total amount comes to $24,000, of which $22,732 will come from money that was raised by volunteers. The other $1200-plus will be taken out of money garnered from the sale of Prescott Central Middle School. A portion of those Prescott sale monies will also be used to help transport, re-assemble and install playground equipment at Algood School.