Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lots of Topics Face Putnam County Commissioners

A number of issues will be facing Putnam County commissioners on Monday night when they meet, in committee sessions, to preview their business for this month. First up, the Fiscal Review Committee will discuss a resolution which would establish an "Archives and Records Management" fee for documents filed in all Putnam County offices. The county is in the process of establishing a formal set of archives which would be responsible for preserving old records, many of which are now stored in attics and basements around town. The fee is part of the plan to pay for the work needed to get those records into shape. Meanwhile, the Fiscal Review Committee will also discuss an intergovernmental agreement concerning fiber optic cable installation. After that committee adjourns, the county's Nominating Committee will meet to discuss possible appointments to the Soccer Complex Board. The county has had an agreement with that board for the past few years concerning payments for and upkeep of the soccer fields near Cookeville High School. After the Nominating Committee comes a meeting of the county's Tax Freeze Committee, which is apparently going to be hearing from representatives of the County Technical Assistance Service about the potential impact on the budget of a proposal to offer some senior citizens a program whereby their tax rates would not be increased. Most commissioners are concerned that the number of people who would benefit from the program is small compared to the much larger population that would have to shoulder the load of heavier taxation. At 6 pm Monday, Putnam County's Planning Committee will meet to hear from Commissioner Joel Cowan, who wants to once again discuss the location of a new jail annex. They'll also be discussing building codes, a strategic plan for the county, and -- as we reported a few days ago -- a proposal to opt out of the state law allowing gun permit owners to carry weapons into local parks. Finally, the county's Budget Committee and their Land and Facilities Committee will be meeting. The Budget Committee has now learned how much a penny on the property tax will bring in next year, while the Land and Facilities Committee is apparently going to once again discuss options for the jail.