Monday, July 6, 2009

Man Arrested for Vandalizing Neighbor's Property

Vandalism charges have been brought against a Cookeville man who allegedly drove his Jeep onto a neighbor's property, spinning the wheels and doing damage. According to a report by Deputy Matthew Hickey, the incident occurred at 2600 Pippin Road when the resident there told him that someone driving an older model red Jeep had spun its tires and spun the vehicle around his property and two others. The victim got a license plate number which came back to an address at 4028 Pippin Road. Hickey says he found the vehicle there with dirt in and around the tire area that appeared to match the damage done to the yards. The homeowner, identified as 45-year-old Robert Terry Mills, allegedly told Hickey that the vehicle had not been driven for about two hours. But Hickey says the hood was very warm and the engine was hot to the touch, so he arrested Mills on the vandalism charges.