Saturday, July 18, 2009

Putnam Commissioners To Discuss Several Issues

They'll start with a discussion of a strategic plan, but that's not the only issue facing the Putnam County commission when they meet Monday night. The strategic plan, which is intended to outline where the county wants to go by the year 2013, is part of the requirement for being in the state's Three-Star economic development program. Meanwhile, the commission will also decide whether to enter into an agreement with the city of Cookeville and the E-911 board to split the cost of running fiber optic cable from the courthouse area to the new emergency services building on S. Wilow Ave. Director Randy Porter says running the cable to city AND county departments would save on the cost and improve communication capabilities. Meanwhile, the commission will vote on a resolution to opt out of Public Chapter 428, the so-called "guns in parks" bill. They'll also talk about the establishment of a two dollar fee for every document filed in Putnam County offices. That fee will help pay for the establishment of a county archives. And, finally, they'll discuss whether or not Putnam County should adopt the 1981 Financial Management Act. Dozens of counties in Tennessee have done so, including White and DeKalb counties. Supporters of the act say that centralized accounting and the employment of a chief financial officer to oversee it would save the county money. Opponents say it takes too much autonomy away from elected officials.