Thursday, August 13, 2009

Asking To Be Jailed

A Florida man, who showed up at the Putnam County jail this week claiming to be an inmate there, was ultimately taken into custody on charges of public intoxication. Deputy Jeremy Nash says the man -- identified as 22-year-old Lawrence Nathan Williams of Miami Beach -- had come to the Sally port door of the sheriff's department, rang the intercom and told corrections officers that he was an inmate on the jail's work crew who had not been brought back from an earlier work detail. But Nash says when officers looked more closely, they found that he was dressed in what was described as a "homemade inmate uniform," specifically white scrubs with black stripes spray-painted on them. The uniform also had "Putnam County Jail" spray-painted on the back and a series of numbers spray-painted on the front. The same man had apparently been in the lobby of the sheriff's department last week, asking to be taken into custody for no apparent reason. He was not arrested last week, but -- because he appeared to be publicly drunk this week -- he was taken into the jail and booked.