Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cookeville Man Caught Three Times

A Cookeville man who was arrested Saturday morning for driving on a revoked license was arrested again Saturday evening ... for driving on a revoked license. 35-year-old Tommy Joe Booher Jr. of Shipley Road was stopped after Officer Michael Herrick clocked him doing 44 in a 30-miles-per-hour zone. Herrick said Booher had been arrested earlier in the day by officer Marc DeClaire. Officer Cary Matheney had also arrested him on July 26th for driving on a revoked license. Herrick said the license plates on Booher's vehicle were also invalid, and alleges that Booher had three used hypodermic needles and a glass pipe in the car with him. The drug and driving charges will send him to General Sessions court. He was also issued citations to city court for speeding, improper registration, and having no insurance.