Sunday, August 30, 2009

Putnam County Jail Discussions Resume

The Land and Facilities Committee of the Putnam County commission is scheduled to meet Monday night to once again take up the issue of what to do about jail overcrowding. For more than a year now, Putnam County has been housing some of its jail inmates in neighboring counties to meet the mandate of the state fire marshal's office. County officials have looked at several potential sites for a new jail annex, but none of them have received approval from the county commission. Some commissioners want to build onto the existing jail facility, while others support building at an off-site location. At their most recent meeting, the Land and Facilities committee requested information about the possibility of constructing a regional jail in cooperation with other counties in the area. They are apparently going to be given an update on that issue when they meet Monday evening, starting at five pm in the county executive's conference room at the courthouse.