Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Putnam Women Implicated in Drug Fraud Cases

Police in Crossville say the arrest of two Putnam County women may have led to the discovery of a group of individuals who have been forging prescriptions all over the region. The Crossville Chronicle reports that 28-year-old Amber Marie Ledbetter, and 33-year-old Charity Ann Ledbetter, both of Hanging Limb Rd., Monterey, each face 12 charges ranging from prescription fraud to criminal impersonation in connection with the incident. The case began last month when Crossville police were dispatched to a Rite Aid drug store to investigate a fraudulent prescription and learned that the Cookeville nurse practitioner listed as issuing the script for 40 hydrocodone pills had not, in fact, written the prescription. While officers were taking statements at Rite Aid, they received a call from the Kroger Pharmacy in Crossville reporting that a similar prescription had been given to that pharmacy for 60 hydrocodones. And before officers could respond to Kroger, however, they received a dispatch to a CVS Pharmacy, where two women and a man were at the drive-thru to pick up the same type of forged prescription. The male told police that he knew nothing of a scheme to obtain drugs by fraud and that he had simply agreed to drive the women to Crossville to pick up prescriptions. He added that he was to take them to the Kmart pharmacy once they left CVS. Police say both women were taken into custody and a search of a backpack allgedly turned up a pill crusher and two prescriptions from Walmart with receipts for hydroquinone. Police also recovered two notebooks containing the phone numbers of local pharmacies and Drug Enforcement Administration numbers of doctors used to get the prescriptions. A separate piece of paper with doctors' names and DEA numbers was also recovered. The Chronicle says both women are now also under investigation for the same activity in Putnam County.