Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Road Rage" Leads to Charges

A November 13th court date has been set for two men involved in what is described as a "road rage" incident in Putnam County. According to the Highway Patrol, it happened on I-40 near the 276 mile marker. 37-year-old Tommy Odis Wade of Lancaster and 34-year-old Ilkhamzhan Aladinov of Philadelphia were both travelling westbound when they got into some sort of "road rage incident." The THP says the two pulled onto the exit ramp and Wade allegedly broke out the windshield of the other man's 18-wheeler with a hammer. Aladinov then took the hammer and threw it at Wade's vehicle, breaking the back window glass and also striking Wade in the face. Wade is also accused of trying to run down Aladinov. And, according to reports, "as Mr. Wade was leaving, Mr. Aladinov was striking him with a metal pipe." Both have been charged with aggravated assault.