Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cookeville Hospital Restricts Young Visitors

The following press release is from Melahn Finley in the marketing department at Cookeville Regional Medical Center:

For increased protection and safety of our patients and visitors, effective immediately Cookeville Regional Medical Center will restrict children under the age of sixteen (16) from entering the facility for patient or family visitation until further notice. This restriction has been implemented in previous years during the regular flu season; however with the presence of H1N1 flu, Cookeville Regional is being proactive by starting this restriction earlier. The H1N1 strain of flu is being seen predominantly in young children and young adults. By restricting visitation, we are providing an extra measure of safety for our patients.

Adults and those over the age of 16 should also carefully consider the risks of visiting family or friends in the hospital since the risk of contracting the flu is likely to be much higher when exposed to concentrations of sick people as one might encounter in a hospital setting.

This change in the hospital’s visitation policy is in the best interest of our patients and the community as a whole.

Please be advised:

*Any visitor with symptoms of flu (cough, fever, etc.) must wear a mask upon entering the facility

* In the Emergency Room patients coming in with fever or cough will be required to wear a mask.

* Children under the age of 16 will not be permitted to visit our patients.

* Persons with flu-like symptoms are asked not to visit the hospital for their safety as well as the safety of our patients.

We are enforcing these precautions to help prevent the spread of influenza in our community. And remember, the best way to prevent the spread of infection is through proper hand washing.