Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cookeville Plaintiff's Lawyer Responds to Lawsuit

The lawyer for a Cookeville woman being sued by the state of Tennessee for misleading business practices says that she has done nothing wrong. Jack Lowery tells the Cookeville Herald-Citizen that Gelsy Cordero's business, ABC Linguistics, has been shut down for more than two years. He claims that the lawsuit against her -- filed in Chancery Court last week -- is a dispute over a $750 dollar civil penalty that she failed to pay. According to Lowery, Cordero never claimed to be a practicing attorney. He says that she simply failed to put a disclaimer on the sign advertising "notario publico" services. Lowery says Cordero was, in fact, registered as a notary public and also offered translation services. But he says that she's been out of business for many months.