Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cookeville Soldier Headed Back To U.S.

A Cookevile native, who is serving with the 96th Transporation Company in Iraq, is about to be headed back to the states. According to the website, Specialist Timothy Charnetsky of Cookeville is among the soldiers, originally deployed in October of 2008, who will be returning to their home base. The 96th Transportation Company is based out of Fort Hood, Texas. They are currently deployed to Camp Taji, Iraq, and Victory Base Complex. The unit serves as a combat multiplier through its ability to transport heavy pieces of equipment over long distances. The website says the Heavy Truck unit's work load has increased since they put boots on ground in 2008. They have helped move and close several joint security stations in the Baghdad area, and they've moved thousands of tanks and other items around the theater.