Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fire Bomb Report Investigated

Cookeville police are investigating a report of a "fire bomb" which was tossed at a parked car. Officer Brian Long says it occurred in the parking lot of John's Place on W. Broad St. A witness told police that he was across the street in the Automotive Plus parking lot when he heard an explosion, looked up and saw a fireball. He also saw a maroon-colored Toyota Camry leaving the area. Long says someone in that vehicle had apparently put gasoline into a plastic bottle with a rag, lit it, and tossed it at Chevy Caprice that had been parked in the lot for some time with a flat tire. After the fire bomb hit the car, it bounced off and burned itself out on the parking lot pavement. Long says no one was in the parked Chevy at the time and the vehicle suffered only minor burn damage.